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Bilateral strengthening of ties between France and the United Arab Emirates

Welcomed at the Élysée Palace last Monday, Mohammed Ben Zayed Al-Nahyane, President of the United Arab Emirates, met with Emmanuel Macron to discuss numerous agreements in the areas of "security and defense, energy and technologies of the future, culture and education, and space", as stated by the French President.

Through this visit, we can expect a strengthening of the commercial, cultural and diplomatic link between the two countries.

Armament, cultural and academic cooperation, the stationing of permanent French forces in Abu Dhabi, joint projects in the field of renewable energies, cooperation in the fields of new technologies, artificial intelligence, food security, the list of partnerships between the two countries is well underway and is not likely to stop there. Indeed, much remains to be done, particularly on the subject of energy in France. Certainly solicited by his French counterpart, the Emirati president should unveil his position on its contribution in oil and gas, through the negotiations and agreements held in Paris in the last 24 hours. Many questions arise: How can the UAE, third largest oil producer in the Persian Gulf in 2021, alleviate the French energy crisis? Can the sale of gas from Abu Dhabi to France be considered a substitute or at least a serious alternative to Russian gas?

Whatever the case, Emmanuel Macron intends to "confirm the strong ties" and consolidate the bilateral relationship that exists between the two powers.


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